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Where do we go from here? Cross-cultural couple struggles for a place to root.

One of the most frequent topics that comes up in both couples therapy with cross-cultural couples, as well as in individual therapy with clients in a cross-cultural relationship is that of geography. Arguments over how to get to the dinner date? Not quite…

In cross-cultural relationships there is an issue that inevitably arises: that of where to live.

Hiding behind cultural stereotypes: from entropy to order

Human beings have a natural tendency to try and make sense of things. When we are faced with a situation that we find to be foreign or incomprehensible, we tend to try and endow it with some sort of meaning. How do we do this? By categorizing and simplifying; in other words, we chew things up, keep what is easy to digest and discard the rest.

When living abroad, we are constantly faced with situations that fall outside of our “comfort zone,”...