Individual Psychotherapy




Many people reach a point in their lives when they feel overwhelmed by a particular problem and feel as though they need someone to support them and help them get through a difficult moment.

In individual psychotherapy, I strive to create a space where clients can talk and work on their personal fears, concerns and frustrations. We work together in a context characterized by confidentiality and trust so as to diminish the person’s pain and suffering.

Why consult a psychologist?


Many of the emotions that are a part of our daily lives –such as anxiety, sadness and stress- are emotions that, when present in excess, become obstacles in our paths towards achieving our goals, thus causing us pain and suffering.

Oftentimes people can identify that they are experiencing these emotions and conflicts in excess yet, despite a conscious effort to control or change the situation, find themselves unable to do so.

Some of the issues that lead people to consult a psychologist can be related to their relationships with others, be it a partner, a family member, a friend or a co-worker. Other issues can be of a more emotional nature, such as experiencing constant feelings of sadness or depression, anxiety or excessive fears.

Some of the issues that could lead to a consultation are:


-    Anxiety
-    Problems associated to moving abroad/cultural adaptation
-    Obsessions and compulsions
-    Inhibitions
-    Constant and continuous sense of sadness and depression
-    Lack of motivation in work or studies
-    Interpersonal conflicts (with partner, family or co-workers)
-    Phobias (intensive fears) 
-    Health problems
-    Difficulty in dealing with change
-    Post traumatic stress disorder

The expat experience

While being abroad itself is rarely the cause of suffering, it can act as a stressor for pre-existing issues and conditions. This is so because, when we live in a foreign country, we are far away from our support networks and our cultural comfort-zone. This means that we have to deal with the conflicts and challenges of our daily lives, yet lack some of the resources we generally count on to do so. Given the fact that I have personally experienced living abroad and have worked with expat clients for several years now, I find it particularly important to lend the support that accompanies my clients through difficult times and decisions, helping them to develop the tools necessary to deal with their problems and concerns.

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