Family Counseling


Family is the institution through which we receive our first care, the foundations of our education –moral as well as formal – and is made up of the people with whom we interact for most of our lives. Our existence within a family lays the basis upon which we construct our identity, our self-perception and worldview, a foundation that leaves its imprint on our lives.


External conflicts that affect the family as a whole


There are some conflicts that families face together, as a group. These conflicts are generally external to the family group and affect the family as a whole, as well as each individual that makes up that family.

  • Moving to another country and adapting to a different culture/setting
  • Loss of a loved one or close family-friend
  • Unemployment or economic difficulties

Conflicts that occur within a family and its members 


On the other hand, there also exist conflicts that occur within the family and between its members.

  • Divorce and separations
  • Behavioral and learning difficulties at school
  • Children with behavioral disorders/phobias/eneuresis/encopresis
  • Stepfamilies and adaptations to new family configurations
  • Illnesses
  • Adolescence and coping with new stages of life course
  • Eating disorders
  • Communicational impasses

My approach with families 

I work with families to help them improve their communication and to develop the skills and resources they need to face both external and internal issues in a way that enhances each member’s well being, as well as that of the family system as a whole. 

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