Bicultural & Bilingual Psychologist in Buenos Aires

Adolescence and the life cycle


ertain stages of life present particular problems that are common to the human experience.  Navigating through moments of transition like graduation, marriage or retirement imply facing certain difficulties or conflicts that are common to all – but not less painful because of it.

Adolescence is one of these stages.  It is characterized by prevalence of change which inherently implies a sense of loss. The adolescent’s body changes, he/she becomes less dependent on their parents and they must suddenly face new challenges that re-shape their person and the way they interact with the world.

During the period of adolescence, we make the first of many decisions that mark the direction of our lives. This continuous process of becoming more independent and defining one’s personality is achieved with the use of trial and error, a method that often puts adolescents in conflict with the adult world.

This is why it is imperative that a professional who works with teenagers know the difference between what’s to be expected at this stage and what exceeds its limits. In individual therapy with adolescents, I work intimately with their families to facilitate the process of adapting to these changes, strengthening and encouraging positive communication and the development of empathy towards the issues each party is facing.